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Colorado Gun Control Recall

Colorado held a vote on stronger gun control laws after the mass shootings at a Denver movie theatre and a Conneticut elementary school; stricter background checks in private gun sales and limited ammunition sales to 15 rounds per magazine.  When it passed, not many Coloradans found the decision suitable.


After a very close vote both democratic senators, Angela Giron (Right) and John Morse (Left), were removed from their offices while the passed law was recalled. Both replaced by republicans, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera. Both do not regret what they have done.

I leave the legislature with no regrets. A neighborhood in my district bears the troubling distinction of having the most gun deaths in the entire state. As a Senator, I served families who expect, at a minimum, that we will prevent criminals from getting guns,” said Morse. “I’m leaving, not on my own terms, but with my integrity intact and with the sure and certain knowledge that Colorado and Pueblo are safer with these modest gun safety laws,” said Giron. ¹


Last month, the residents of Colorado thought to recall, Senator Evie Hudak (another democrat voter), from office as well. The petitioners must raise 18,303 valid signatures by December to get this into a vote.

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